Cabana Style Doors

Cabana Style Doors by Turnkey Porch

Product Overview:

Re-imagine your outdoor living room with the sophistication of Turnkey Porch’s Cabana Style Doors. Integrating effortlessly with the Vertical 4-Track system, these custom-built doors are more than just an entry point – they’re an extension of your living space, combining aesthetics, durability, and impeccable craftsmanship.

Key Features:

Customization at Its Best: Our doors are tailored to your requirements, ensuring a perfect fit with a range of colors, configurations, and complete custom sizing at no extra cost.
Structural Integrity: Crafted from 6005-T4 structural aluminum alloy, our doors promise a blend of elegance, security, and versatile design possibilities.
Vibrant Color Options: Choose from our classic White, sleek Black, or the warm Monterey Sand to perfectly match or contrast with your home’s aesthetics.
SolarView Memory Vinyl: This top-tier, resilient polyvinyl film is UV-protected, safeguarding you and your interiors. Rated to withstand cold-crack down to -20°F, it ensures clarity and longevity.
Diverse Styles & Sizes: Whether you fancy a Single, French, or any specific design, we cater to standard and custom dimensions ranging from 24″-42″ in width for single doors, from 64″-82″ in width for our French doors, and up to 96″ in height.
Elegant Hardware: Each door is equipped with a beautiful Schlage Georgian hardware set with a keyed handle as a standard, adding a touch of luxury to its functionality.

Why Choose Our Cabana Style Doors?

When it’s about blending the indoors with the outdoors, Turnkey Porch’s Cabana Style Doors stand out. By offering homeowners a cohesive design, optimal safety, and an array of customizations, our doors are the epitome of craftsmanship meeting purpose.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) about Cabana Style Doors

What is the significance of the 6005-T4 structural aluminum alloy in the doors?

The 6005-T4 structural aluminum alloy offers a unique combination of strength, elegance, and versatility in design. It ensures that our doors not only look good but also provide optimal security and long-lasting performance.

What customization options are available for the Cabana Style Doors?

Our doors can be tailored in terms of color, configuration, and size. Whether you need a specific dimension or a certain design, we cater to all requirements without any additional costs.

What is SolarView Memory Vinyl, and how does it benefit me?

SolarView Memory Vinyl is a resilient polyvinyl film equipped with UV protectants. It safeguards both you and your interiors from harmful UV rays. Additionally, its cold-crack resistance down to -20°F ensures that the film remains clear and intact even in chilly conditions.

What size range do you offer for the Cabana Style Doors?

Our doors come in standard as well as custom dimensions, ranging from 24″-42″ in width for single doors, from 64″-82″ in width for our French doors, and up to 96″ in height.

Can the Schlage hardware be customized or replaced?

Each of our doors comes standard with beautiful Schlage Georgian hardware with a keyed handle. If you have specific customization or replacement requests, please discuss them with our team.